“a whisper of a thing”

“a whisper of a thing” is quote a sales lady at a bridal gown store said about me when I was trying of dresses. To be honest I couldn’t believe how amazing I looked in a wedding gown but to be honest I’ve never thought of myself as a whisper. I mean she did have to practically pen the sides seams together (I actually could not exaggerate more) in order for the dress to say on me so I could actually see what it looked liked.

Lately, I have felt like a whisper. Lately,  I have felt like a small little slice of something trying on giant size clothing. THESE ARE SIZE EXTRA SMALL PEOPLE!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! I just don’t need more sewing projects ontop of my all ready seamstress job.

I just feel like every day I’m getting smaller and smaller. For instance I hemmed my pants four inches and then when I got back from work I realized I still need to hem them four more inches. THAT’S 8 freaken inches!

OK, so tonight I tried on my corset bra that I’m going to wear under my wedding dress ( that I still have to take in) just so that the chest area will have more support (also so I don’t have to take that area in because of the lace). Plus, I will be padding it so it will be super push up. ok, you get the gist. So I was trying it on my newly ordered corset and realize that the fabric is so stretchy (because the dam company didn’t cocktail that sucker) that I will yes you guessed have to take in the corset as well. I am however not going to take it in as much as move the eyes over so the hooks can stretch a further distance and this way the extra padding and push up I add  to it will actually stay in place.

Well, this realization just made me feel all bummed that I so freaken skinny that nothing store bought can remotely fit me.  I never realized how slinder I was until all this wedding stuff, and I used to work in a bridal boutique, where I tried on wedding gowns on a weekly basis. I guess I never noticed because those gowns didn’t have to fit.

So I’m bummed that I have more sewing then I thought ahead of me. I am glad however that I am thin. It’s just not a very good feeling like your are being buried in giants clothing.



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PR Love still

Here are my top favorite looks from Project Runways season seven episode two! Enjoy!

Amy: I really LOVED, LOVED this look! It actually shows the burlap, yet it looks so fun and flirty. Great execution  and follow through on the challenge.

Anthony: I love the color of this dress. I love the proportions of this dress.

Ben: I loved this dress ( I know I’ve said that about all of them so far…but these ARE the dresses that I liked from the episode)!!! It’s dramatic! I Love the off the shoulder fluttering sleeve. It’s very tasteful!

Janeane! I HEART it!!! When I saw it, I immediately  said sophisticated elegance. Which is saying something for fuggly burlap.

Maya: I love your haircut!!!! okay, I’m not in love, love with this dress but I am intrigued. I think it’s fun and flirty. I want to see more from her!

All images from http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway

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Quit complaining about your assets

Well I was going to write a long heartfelt blog about how girls just need to start loving themselves for who they are and quit being so nit picky about their appearances!!!!!!!!!!! This was all running through my head as I was driving to the grocery store to grab more waffle mix. This was all sparked when a promo for behind the lyrics for Jonny Diaz came on, and of course the song More Beautiful You plays in the background. Don’t know why but I just really dislike that song!!! Actually, I do…

But then all of this happened:

I had to stop to get gas because my light was on and that is not good. I rarely ever get it that low, so I’m kind of rushed to get it filled again. BUT of course there was a two car line for every pump and since the station is in the same lot as the grocery store, I decided to just park, shop and then fill up. (This way if my car is stolen, they can’t get far)

I went shopping for lots of groceries like: apples, soups, veggies, boxed noodles and rice, juice and ice cream. Let’s just say instead of buying a $2.99 box of waffle mix I bought an average of $70 groceries for the week.

I get in line behind two people, wait and then finally unload all of my goodies on the conveyor belt. Once the guy in front of me starts paying I reach into my purse and can’t seem to grab a hold of my wallet.  This is when images of me getting my wallet out in front of my computer the night before to buy overly priced makeup flashed through my head. I had left my wallet at my apartment!!!! (ARG) I then looked at the food waiting to be scanned, the people behind me and then turned to the cashier scrambling for something to say.  So this is what I said =D

me: “Umm I just relized that my husband has my wallet…”

cashier: “so you can’t pay for this”

me:” Is there a way i could come back?”

cashier: ” yeah I’ll just ring it up and you’ll need to come back to this register”

me:” ok i’ll be right back… prolly only 15 min”

ok… I didn’t even have time to smile about the fact I used my engagement ring as an escape goat. Cause in all honesty it was my fault I wasn’t ready to pay…lol =)

anyway so I drove home and back…I’m not sure how long it took me but when I got back to the store all my stuff was in a cart just waiting for me to pay. so i’m not sure if i should think of it as awesome not having to wait in line while he scanned it or just lucky that i was able to get back quick enough so my ice cream didn’t melt all over the place.

So by this time there weren’t any lines at the gas pump…but it did cost a lot to fill it up since i normally fill up at 3/4th tank… but the peace of mind that my tank is full is worth it.

So that is why I decided to write about something other then what I started out writing. Have no fear I WILL be bringing up your assets again.

cheers   =D

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Oh the smell of a new season!!!!!!

Project Runway! Episode1 Season 7!

  • The looks that I loved

Number One: Way to go Emilio! When I saw him sewing this up I was immediately intrigued! When I saw it on the run way I knew it was a winner!

Number Two: Janeane Marie! Love this look! It’s a total girl in the city/ chic look! I love, love it! Plus, it totally reminds me of Janeane’s portfolio (which is the point of the challenge: to show who you are as a designer)! Note the nicely finished edges, the pleating detail in the skirt, and of course notice the how she completed the look with sunglasses! Oh and of course it’s definitely wearable! I’m very excited!

Number Three: I really want to love, love this look by Jay Nicolas. What I love most about this look is the fabrics. These are probably my favorite fabrics! I just hope that Jay edits more after this challenge because fabric roses lining the lower back is defiantly a no, no.
Looks that I really want to Love but…

Pastel dress by Anna and black and white outfit by Amy..
The pastel dress is all the right colors for me but I think it’s just a little to simple.
Amy’s black and white outfit was just a little off. It was almost cool but then the asymmetrical look in the corset cups threw it off.

  • I hope these ladies harness in some editing skills for the next challenge because I’m sure they have some rocken looks in their bag!

Seth Aaron Henderson’s dress did catch my eye and I really like this look! I’m keeping eye on him, he might be really awesome.

Designers I’m watching out for:
Janeane! (She is my Favorite! Of Course!)

Seth Aaron

** pictures from http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway and http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/2010/01/using-bluefly-accessories-wall.html and http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/go_fug_yourself/2010/01/globes_mulligan011710.htm

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Eating Things Up


I made waffles today!!!!!! With STRAWBERRIES!!!!!

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The one where everything is blue

Blue Maids

Girls Dressed In Blue

So today was the planned fabric trip to the store to get my last two bridesmaids fabric for their dresses. We actually found colors and fabrics that where perfect without any conflict. I’m so THRILLED!!!!! I feel so much closer to having everything ready now. Well I do have a ton more to do for the wedding but I actually know what my exact colors are.  Here they are I will list them in order of the picture Perri Blue, Royal Blue, Blue, Navy, Midnight and Celestial Blue.

Next stop: Shoes

I’m thinking silver flats for the maids to wear. I found these at Payless for a great price. Plus, they can totally be worn again.

Well that is all for now.

cheers. =)

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I miss you

Hi, I’d like: six inch, honey oat, baked chicken breast, provolone, lettuce, spinach, pickles and pepper-chinnies. Chipolata sauce on top please.

I just recently moved out of downtown. Thus, moving me away from my regular subway. Now, when I say “regular” I am referring to all five subways that where around my apartment and work. I went to two different ones when I was at work (work was about ten blocks away from my apartment), I went to two other ones that were down the street from my apartment in opposite directions and the fifth one was five blocks away from my school.

Even though these are five different establishments in a fifty block radius, they all made my sandwich exactly the same and it always tasted extremely awesome and satisfying.

Now that I’ve moved out of this downtown area I have found my self living next to two subways. Just like when I lived downtown I switch back and forth (on a once a week basis now) on which one I go to.

But the sandwich doesn’t taste the same at all. I don’t know what it is, but instead of giving me a satisfied feeling my subs have tasted for lack of  better describing words “not so special”.

The cookies don’t taste as soft,and slightly crunchy either.

Now that i’ve gone on forever talking about how I can’t believe my sub doesn’t make me feel special anymore.  I am just going to leave you with this.

I plan on going downtown this week just for subway that makes me feel special.

I’m out.

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wine So I went to the store and got a little snake. Potato corn chowder and a candy bar. I also picked up a bottle of Cupcake Chardonnay because ever since I read a review about it I’ve been intrigued.  I don’t usually drink wine or anything actually. So I’m hopeful it’s as fruity and smooth as the reviews have said other wise i’ll just have to cook with it.

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Cheers to new chapters in a whole new book.

So I have traveled over to word press this very night. I have blogged off and on at a different place for many years but after much thought and consideration, I have made the move and will be opening up at a brand new place. I plan on keeping this word press anonymous and will be writing about all the new things that will be taking place in my life soon. I would love to elaborate but it is two in the morning and I really need to go to bed.  I am so happy in this new blog and it hasn’t even started. YAY.

I think i’ll sign off with…?

Cheers =)

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