Oh the smell of a new season!!!!!!

Project Runway! Episode1 Season 7!

  • The looks that I loved

Number One: Way to go Emilio! When I saw him sewing this up I was immediately intrigued! When I saw it on the run way I knew it was a winner!

Number Two: Janeane Marie! Love this look! It’s a total girl in the city/ chic look! I love, love it! Plus, it totally reminds me of Janeane’s portfolio (which is the point of the challenge: to show who you are as a designer)! Note the nicely finished edges, the pleating detail in the skirt, and of course notice the how she completed the look with sunglasses! Oh and of course it’s definitely wearable! I’m very excited!

Number Three: I really want to love, love this look by Jay Nicolas. What I love most about this look is the fabrics. These are probably my favorite fabrics! I just hope that Jay edits more after this challenge because fabric roses lining the lower back is defiantly a no, no.
Looks that I really want to Love but…

Pastel dress by Anna and black and white outfit by Amy..
The pastel dress is all the right colors for me but I think it’s just a little to simple.
Amy’s black and white outfit was just a little off. It was almost cool but then the asymmetrical look in the corset cups threw it off.

  • I hope these ladies harness in some editing skills for the next challenge because I’m sure they have some rocken looks in their bag!

Seth Aaron Henderson’s dress did catch my eye and I really like this look! I’m keeping eye on him, he might be really awesome.

Designers I’m watching out for:
Janeane! (She is my Favorite! Of Course!)

Seth Aaron

** pictures from http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/project-runway and http://projectrungay.blogspot.com/2010/01/using-bluefly-accessories-wall.html and http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/go_fug_yourself/2010/01/globes_mulligan011710.htm


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