Today is Sunday

  • Filled car with gas o leeen = check
  • went to fabric store on the other side of town = check
  • went to sewing machine store = check
  • went to convenient store to pick up newspaper (i’ve been watching a lot of extreme couponing this past week) = check
  • looked through coupons = check
  • didn’t find anything that extreme
  • made meatloaf = check
  • cuddled with hubby = check
  • updated blog = check
  • snack and then bed?

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When reading

When reading things do you ever just stop and wonder were on earth is this coming from. How has the world and society gotten to this place. ( I know and am planning on being vague)


Mostly I just want to say why don’t people work towards being more well rounded? Why don’t people research what they are doing. Why can’t people branch out? Why do they have to complicate things?

These are the questions I am left wondering after reading an article I found online.




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Photo Friday day day


I snapped a cute pic using my aquariam setings on my camera of this lovely sting ray.


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“C” crave

I’ve been craving oranges! I usually buy six at a time. This is no where enough for me let alone for me and my husband. The problem is, is that the selection at the store has been horrible the last couple of weeks. I will go in and there will be tables heaping full of oranges but once I touch one it becomes evident that most of them aren’t good. I of course try to find at least two good ones. When I get home I eat one and It’s soooo amazing I can’t believe that I lucked out. So then I get cocky and of course reach for the second one and……. failure. It’s so dry and yucky.

Here are some pictures of the yucky one. It looks yummy and juicy but sadly it isn’t. (it photographs cool though)



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something fishy

I just spent the whole weekend cleaning my kitchen. I mean deep cleaning. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors. I cleaned the counters, I cleaned the floors, I cleaned the pantry and I cleaned the fridge. Now it looks great but for some reason there is a fishy smell coming from the kitchen. I’m baffled.

That usually doesn’t happen. It should smell fresh and like bleach. hmmm a mystery.


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This is what it's felt like

this is what the past month has felt like.  When it comes to my hair, this is how i felt about it. It’s not completely horrible but i didn’t go more then 2 days in a row without grabbing for it. I am however going to get it cut. I think I should at least reward myself for not getting to a stage 10 (which is what I’m labeling as spending hours touching it)

cheers to that and hopefully on to new things and no more grabby grabby.


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Photography Friday

I love hand made signs next to open grassy spaces
Barn and sign

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Favorite Beach Shots

  cool boat, lewis and clark      photoshop stuffaw beaches… I bet you can’t guess what I’ve been thinking about.


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