awww picture

This is what I looked at on my honeymoon.



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WEDDING 2010!!!!

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i don’t think this is a friendship?

ok when I ask you if you would be my bridesmaid and you then respond by constantly asking me to move the date around to accommodate you and I don’t and then magically you are still able to make it and I give you the option to buy or make your dress and you decide to make it and you have over a year to do so and you don’t until this weekend before my wedding makes me feel like you don’t give  a crap about our friendship and you don’t care that I’m  getting married. It also makes me wish you would have just said no and not even show up.

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24 hours and $200 out

  • vault walls

  • slept in
  • packed bags
  • put all wedding stuff in car
  • got subway
  • bought car treats at grocery -chocolate chip bars, MTN DEW, and scooby snacks
  • got gas
  • drove ( actually I just rode thank God for BF’s)
  • saw strange rocks
  • passed a perfectly lined up trees at a tree farm ( more like land)
  • saw firetrucks putting out a brush fire that was on our side of the road
  • passed state line
  • got to destination without looking at map
  • was greeted by my old puppy
  • chit chatted with parentals
  • ate grilled chicken (mmmm yummy)
  • went on a driving tour of a town
  • stopped to take a picture of a slushie statue
  • ate angel food cake!!!!
  • played a card game called nickel
  • my mom and I timed me getting in and out of my dress
  • went to sleep town
  • got up
  • ate toast
  • chitchatted in dining room
  • drove to downtown
  • went to bank
  • went to courthouse
  • had to go inside the old vault
  • got marriage licence
  • went to grocery store
  • paid for wedding cake
  • bought other goodies like the new mtn dew flavor and fresh baked cookies and a slice of our wedding cake
  • went to record store and bought records and postcard
  • went to lunch with parentals I have a falafel
  • went to toy store
  • almost bought a stuffed moose for nephew
  • said bye bye to puppy
  • drove  a while
  • past state line
  • got gas because it’s cheaper and bought tea
  • passed crazy tree farm
  • trip allways seems faster on the way back even tough it isn’t
  • stopped in a moutain town
  • almost ate pizza
  • ate Chinese instead
  • looked in to closed shopped
  • stopped by a place I want to work at
  • drove some more even though I was riding
  • sang really loud to Weezer for the last hour
  • arrived home by the end of the cd (when I say cd I mean Ipod of course)
  • relaxed
  • hooked up new record player
  • didn’t get it to work
  • booked wedding night room
  • planned honeymoon trip
  • made plans to call in the morning
  • went to sleepy town

well that was my “weekend”.


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rainy day equals wedding shopping

I ordered five of these little cameras today on THE KNOT .COM.

They were super cheep, 1.99 cheep. However the shipping was 11 bucks…arg. I decided on 5 because I want to have extra candids at the reception but I don’t want to go overboard on them. A. I have an awesome photographer deal B. most people have digital cameras C. I still have to pay for development.

I’m super excited! Only 30 days to go!


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6 weeks to go

So there are six weeks to go. Do you want to know how I feel? Well how about, “ahhh there is still so much to plan”!! However, I am super ready to say, ” I Do” and be married forever to my boysquared! That is about all that I am ready for.


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I’m trying hard not to let this get me down. I’m trying NOT to notice it. I was trying to ignore the possibility that no one is going to through me a bridal shower. Then Boysquards mom innocently asked him if I was going to have one. I said I don’t know but in my heart I was screaming NO NO I’M NOT HAVING A BRIDAL SHOWER BECAUSE NO ONE IS GOING TO THROUGH ONE FOR ME. Why does having most of my friends (all of my family) living out of state have to effect every little thing I do.  It makes me feel like I’m a loner and that I don’t have anyone here. But I DO have friends here I have three friends here and I am totally cool with that. but they aren’t going to though me a party because it would be just the four of us? (which is perfect to me) but uuuuggggg.  I don’t think they realize I have two future sister in-laws they can invite. and there are some managers at my work I wouldn’t mind being at my bridal shower now that party number is up to 10… sounds great to me. I wish wish wish wish wish wish wish wish it would happen.

Ok I’ll be honest there was a lady who I don’t know that offered to through me a bridal shower!!! YAYA! Right? Wrong?

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one year


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ace of a wedding cake

this past weekend I took boysquared to the place were cakes are made and showed him the ones I was contemplating. the conversation went like this:

girlsquared: I like this 3 layer square cake but without the decoration and trimming.

boysquared: what you don’t want decoration? you watch all those cake shows (ace of cakes is what he is referring to) I know you like decoration and I know a plane white cake isn’t you.

girlsquared: yeah but I can’t afford to get a dragon cake.

boysquared: well all I am saying is that you want a cake that shows off our wedding topper and what I see is that cake with the flowers draws your eye perfectly to the top. This is what I do, critique.  That is why they loved me at design school and this is why you should just choose the cake you think is best.

girlsquared: well then I’m going to order the 3 layer circle cake with white icing scrowlings on the side with raspberry filling.

boysquared: sounds perfect that way imperfections in the decoration won’t show up.

girlsquared: that is exactly what I was thinking

then lots of kissing and ordering ensued.

ta dah


so ordered cake = check

ordered flowers= check

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Something old, new, borrowed, blue and in my shoe

My something old will be “little bonnet” that I got when I was a baby that turns into a handkerchief when you get married. I’m not quite sure where it will be when I’m walking down the isle but I’m sure I can come up with something creative. I’m also going to sew some old pearl sequins into the inside of my dress. They are pearls that my grandmama used back when she made my aunts dress. They can also work as my something old.

My something new is my dress. My dress is so new that it keeps changing shapes as I’m altering it.  (this is because I’m changing it from a princess flair to a mermaid)

My something borrowed is my  moms pearls that my dad gave her on her wedding day. I am super excited about this! I just love love love that I get to borrow my moms pearls on my wedding day because she wore them on hers. =)

My something blue are my shoes. ( well at least for the pictures) I am also contemplating finding a super small stud to put in my top ear piercing that is blue as well.

My something in my shoe? Well that will be a penny because that is how the rhyme goes. I will just tape it to my heel i think.

ta da….


** maybe I’ll post pictures later?

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