a letter to a friend in the air force

I’m so proud of you for getting through bootcamp. I can’t believe you will be done in just a few weeks!
What Is an MRE Lunch?  Maranaded Radish Enchiladas? I could Google it but I’ll just wait patiantly for you to fill me in.
I have just three weeks as well until I get hitched. So I’ve been driving back and forth from Vancouver to Walla every week it seems. Well anyway while driving through a canyon Boysquared and I saw  a fighter, jet It kind of looked like an F-117 Nighthawk (awesome… I googled that) but it probably wasnt. It zoomed right past us along the river, into a back flip into the clouds. It was super cool and It also reminded me that I still needed to find a cool post card to send you.
Well I miss having you close by but I’m super stoked to hear about your adventures in the airforce. Are you heading straight to tech school after this or do you get a small break inbetween.
You are in my thoughts. I hope you have a great couple of weeks!

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I know

I know I’ve quite uninthused about the actions of people around me so I’ve decided to post a picture that I found on Flickr.com that I like. Perhaps it will brighten up the frustration surrounding me.

aparently this is Banksy’s graffiti. I’m not sure who that is or where but i’ll research it later.

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i don’t think this is a friendship?

ok when I ask you if you would be my bridesmaid and you then respond by constantly asking me to move the date around to accommodate you and I don’t and then magically you are still able to make it and I give you the option to buy or make your dress and you decide to make it and you have over a year to do so and you don’t until this weekend before my wedding makes me feel like you don’t give  a crap about our friendship and you don’t care that I’m  getting married. It also makes me wish you would have just said no and not even show up.

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Hey! That’s my childhood you’re referring to and you’re wrong!

I feel like someone has just put a blanket over my childhood and lied about it and there is no way for me to correct them.

Because of this:

“grew up in strictly religious households before they discovered the higher power of rock ‘n’ roll and decided to leave the church behind them.”‘

What the AAAAAAA are you talking about? ok ok I did grow up in a “religious household”, I’ll give you that but where do you get off saying that I didn’t listen to rock n’ roll I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to that my whole life acutally I’ll trump you that with saying that I actually am pretty well rounded in the music world and have listened to everything.

I’m not quite sure what listening to rock n roll has to do with having to leave the church

because I’m pretty sure I remember bringing rock n roll into the church.

I’m not leaving it.

I can’t believe you just lied about my childhood like that. I just want to say, Maybe, that was your deal dude but don’t blanket it on the rest of the group because that also includes my childhood too.

Now this is keeping me up and I really need to get some sleep.


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Good enough for me

I’m upset and disappointed.

Maybe, It’s because I believe in God and know that He is capable of anything and everything so I don’t feel the need to question anything. The answer, ” it’s possible through God” is satisfying to me. Actually, it makes me feel closer to God like he is giving me a big hug.  I don’t feel the need to question it, ponder it, I just know. I just know that God has a plan and even though I don’t know for a fact how it started and all the little details behind every little thing that happens on earth I do know that God is Good. And just so you know I do know how the earth began and how it ends. It’s written in the Bible. It was God breathed. I don’t need to know anything else if I did God would tell me. One day I will know all the details…when I’m in heaven. I guess since I know that one day I will know how every thing happened, that is good enough for me because eventually I will know so why worry about it now.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I don’t understand why everyone is thinking so hard when all the answers are right in front of you.

” I can’t see the wind, but I can see the effects of the wind”


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