setting: me and my husband in our room. me on the bed and him on the computer

me: are you playing starwars or batman?

him: starways…why whould i play batman?

me: well it sounds like batman but when i look over it looks like starwars. 

him: starwars has nothing to do with batman

me: well you said cat lady and i got confussed

him: yeah it was just a lady that looked like a cat in starwars

me: still not sure





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today in list

  • hit snooze 5 times it seems
  • did a work out leg stretches, arm weights
  • took a shower
  • dried my hair
  • ate some home made banana bread that I made a couple of days ago
  • cleaned up my resume
  • worked on a cover letter
  • make lasagna in a crock pot
  • sent in my resume and cover letter
  • make more food
  • wash dishes

that is it so far, maybe I’ll hang out with the hubby later.  oh and it also snowed!!!!!

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I guess I don’t deserve grace

Hi I know I drove through the cross walk. I know you were on your way through the crosswalk. Like I tried to say when you rudely interrupted me. I was looking a row one to far up for the crosswalk and as i realized that i was right in the middle of it when you were in it so i hurried through it so we wouldn’t collide. I’m sorry sometimes people make mistakes. Can’t we just be relived that nothing bad happend. It’s not like I went through the crosswalk and had no idea you were in it. I know my mistake and I’m really sorry…can you let me say that to you instead of interrupting Saying” no… yell yell yell.”  And yes since you did  interupt…yes i did just walk away from you. because No I am not going to stand there have you yell at me and not let me say anything.

people make mistakes at least let them explain themselves with out the automatic yelling.



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