hopes and dreams

Some day I would like to adopt  a  child from Dubai or Hattie. I’m trying to start researching everything my husband and I will need to do when the time comes.  I’m currently trying to decided if I should actually start talking to adoption agencies now of if it is too early for that. I’m (we) aren’t planning on kids for about 3 more years. so we have time I just want to be ready. For instance I know that sometimes the different countries have requirements like staying in the country for a year before you take the child home and such.


well that’s what is up with me.



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Favorite Beach Shots

  cool boat, lewis and clark      photoshop stuffaw beaches… I bet you can’t guess what I’ve been thinking about.


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cupcake, strawberry

So last night I made Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Butter Cream Frosting!

I hand mixed the frosting ingredients thus making my frosting on the dippy side.  They are so yummy though.  I think since summer is nearing I will use fresh strawberries and a little bit more then what the recipe called for. (it called for 5 chopped) It made 12 and I’ve already (my boysquared had one) eaten half.

cupcake, strawberry, martha stewart

It is starting  to warm up around here for a few days. Thankfully!



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A spOt Of cOlOr

I’ve been searching to a color to paint my nails for the summer. i usually go for a hot pink but this summer I’ve been leaning towards blues and minty colors.

Blue, Slushy, Feeling Great, Hot Pink, Midtown, Super Pink, Mint Apple, Sinful Colors, Love and Beauty, NYC color Minute     These are the colors I’ve tried so far: a hot pink in NYC and in Sinful color which are the colors I usually use. I found and awesome mint apple in Sinful Colors and had almost decided on it. I went to Forever 21 yesterday and found this awesome blue nail polish that looks alot like the OPI Slushi for glee polish in sephora stores. It is the Forever 21 polish called Love and beauty in the “blue”. It is sooo pretty and bright.

Love and beauty, blue nails,  I did  my toes too but they arent’ perfect yet sooo no picture.You should try it. they have a million other colors you will die for too. Plus they are only $2.80 not bad for a solid color.  I’ll post links later.

much love,

~girl squared pants!!!!

**** ok I linked nail polishes to their site except for sinful color because there isn’t one right now. 

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Just talk to me

Dear People!

If you hate bra shopping sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much then talk to me. That is why I just asked you if you were finding everything ok. So you would have an in to ask me what you need. I will have you in and out of that fitting room in 20min, 45 if you are the picky type.

That is why I’m standing here.


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delicious dresses by MANGO

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awww picture

This is what I looked at on my honeymoon.


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I know

I know I’ve quite uninthused about the actions of people around me so I’ve decided to post a picture that I found on Flickr.com that I like. Perhaps it will brighten up the frustration surrounding me.

aparently this is Banksy’s graffiti. I’m not sure who that is or where but i’ll research it later.

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Good enough for me

I’m upset and disappointed.

Maybe, It’s because I believe in God and know that He is capable of anything and everything so I don’t feel the need to question anything. The answer, ” it’s possible through God” is satisfying to me. Actually, it makes me feel closer to God like he is giving me a big hug.  I don’t feel the need to question it, ponder it, I just know. I just know that God has a plan and even though I don’t know for a fact how it started and all the little details behind every little thing that happens on earth I do know that God is Good. And just so you know I do know how the earth began and how it ends. It’s written in the Bible. It was God breathed. I don’t need to know anything else if I did God would tell me. One day I will know all the details…when I’m in heaven. I guess since I know that one day I will know how every thing happened, that is good enough for me because eventually I will know so why worry about it now.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: I don’t understand why everyone is thinking so hard when all the answers are right in front of you.

” I can’t see the wind, but I can see the effects of the wind”


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one year


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