Things I Haven’t Gotten In the Mail Yet

  1. My Proactive Acne Solution Replenishment
  2. My Engagement Pictures
  3. My Test Results From The Doctor
  4. My Tax Return Check

Things that I have gotten in the mail have been coupon clippers, pizza adds, department store coupons, Dicks store grand opening flyers and of course bills.

I hope you are having better luck at this snail mail thing.



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one year


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ace of a wedding cake

this past weekend I took boysquared to the place were cakes are made and showed him the ones I was contemplating. the conversation went like this:

girlsquared: I like this 3 layer square cake but without the decoration and trimming.

boysquared: what you don’t want decoration? you watch all those cake shows (ace of cakes is what he is referring to) I know you like decoration and I know a plane white cake isn’t you.

girlsquared: yeah but I can’t afford to get a dragon cake.

boysquared: well all I am saying is that you want a cake that shows off our wedding topper and what I see is that cake with the flowers draws your eye perfectly to the top. This is what I do, critique.  That is why they loved me at design school and this is why you should just choose the cake you think is best.

girlsquared: well then I’m going to order the 3 layer circle cake with white icing scrowlings on the side with raspberry filling.

boysquared: sounds perfect that way imperfections in the decoration won’t show up.

girlsquared: that is exactly what I was thinking

then lots of kissing and ordering ensued.

ta dah


so ordered cake = check

ordered flowers= check

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Hurray! Seth for the Gold!

hurray! Seth Arron won last night with his edgy structured collection! He sure did the upper west coast proud. The more fashion news from the Portland area the better!

let’s travel down memory lane of outfits from the season. Seth Aaron Henderson

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Final Project Runway

I want Seth Aaron to win! I think that Emillo is going to actually win though…

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Photo Hunt Tuesday

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Something old, new, borrowed, blue and in my shoe

My something old will be “little bonnet” that I got when I was a baby that turns into a handkerchief when you get married. I’m not quite sure where it will be when I’m walking down the isle but I’m sure I can come up with something creative. I’m also going to sew some old pearl sequins into the inside of my dress. They are pearls that my grandmama used back when she made my aunts dress. They can also work as my something old.

My something new is my dress. My dress is so new that it keeps changing shapes as I’m altering it.  (this is because I’m changing it from a princess flair to a mermaid)

My something borrowed is my  moms pearls that my dad gave her on her wedding day. I am super excited about this! I just love love love that I get to borrow my moms pearls on my wedding day because she wore them on hers. =)

My something blue are my shoes. ( well at least for the pictures) I am also contemplating finding a super small stud to put in my top ear piercing that is blue as well.

My something in my shoe? Well that will be a penny because that is how the rhyme goes. I will just tape it to my heel i think.

ta da….


** maybe I’ll post pictures later?

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