Something old, new, borrowed, blue and in my shoe

My something old will be “little bonnet” that I got when I was a baby that turns into a handkerchief when you get married. I’m not quite sure where it will be when I’m walking down the isle but I’m sure I can come up with something creative. I’m also going to sew some old pearl sequins into the inside of my dress. They are pearls that my grandmama used back when she made my aunts dress. They can also work as my something old.

My something new is my dress. My dress is so new that it keeps changing shapes as I’m altering it.  (this is because I’m changing it from a princess flair to a mermaid)

My something borrowed is my  moms pearls that my dad gave her on her wedding day. I am super excited about this! I just love love love that I get to borrow my moms pearls on my wedding day because she wore them on hers. =)

My something blue are my shoes. ( well at least for the pictures) I am also contemplating finding a super small stud to put in my top ear piercing that is blue as well.

My something in my shoe? Well that will be a penny because that is how the rhyme goes. I will just tape it to my heel i think.

ta da….


** maybe I’ll post pictures later?


April 12, 2010. Tags: , , , , . Wedding stuff.

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