today in list

  • hit snooze 5 times it seems
  • did a work out leg stretches, arm weights
  • took a shower
  • dried my hair
  • ate some home made banana bread that I made a couple of days ago
  • cleaned up my resume
  • worked on a cover letter
  • make lasagna in a crock pot
  • sent in my resume and cover letter
  • make more food
  • wash dishes

that is it so far, maybe I’ll hang out with the hubby later.  oh and it also snowed!!!!!


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Today is Sunday

  • Filled car with gas o leeen = check
  • went to fabric store on the other side of town = check
  • went to sewing machine store = check
  • went to convenient store to pick up newspaper (i’ve been watching a lot of extreme couponing this past week) = check
  • looked through coupons = check
  • didn’t find anything that extreme
  • made meatloaf = check
  • cuddled with hubby = check
  • updated blog = check
  • snack and then bed?

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The way things…were said

Things that where said to me on Saturday that I was offended by but wasn’t sure if you were being serious or sarcastic.

1. “What do you want to do? Since it’s ALL about YOU”
2. “Tell me what she doesn’t look cute in”
3. “Thanks for taking charge while we walked around downtown”

I guess you had to hear how they where said.


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Hey! That’s my childhood you’re referring to and you’re wrong!

I feel like someone has just put a blanket over my childhood and lied about it and there is no way for me to correct them.

Because of this:

“grew up in strictly religious households before they discovered the higher power of rock ‘n’ roll and decided to leave the church behind them.”‘

What the AAAAAAA are you talking about? ok ok I did grow up in a “religious household”, I’ll give you that but where do you get off saying that I didn’t listen to rock n’ roll I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to that my whole life acutally I’ll trump you that with saying that I actually am pretty well rounded in the music world and have listened to everything.

I’m not quite sure what listening to rock n roll has to do with having to leave the church

because I’m pretty sure I remember bringing rock n roll into the church.

I’m not leaving it.

I can’t believe you just lied about my childhood like that. I just want to say, Maybe, that was your deal dude but don’t blanket it on the rest of the group because that also includes my childhood too.

Now this is keeping me up and I really need to get some sleep.


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never ending listing

Here is a list of stuff I need to get rid of:

  1. wii stand console
  2. broken 24″ tv (super bulky slash heavy)
  3. old tv stand


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The Hangout in The Sky

I thought up a perfect list for Monday. It’s drizzly outside so I thought, why not make up a list.

So here is a list of People that I think would be cool to hangout with.

  1. Andy Samburg
  2. Bear Grylls ( Man vs Wild)
  3. Betty White
  4. My Art School Physics Teacher

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Things I Haven’t Gotten In the Mail Yet

  1. My Proactive Acne Solution Replenishment
  2. My Engagement Pictures
  3. My Test Results From The Doctor
  4. My Tax Return Check

Things that I have gotten in the mail have been coupon clippers, pizza adds, department store coupons, Dicks store grand opening flyers and of course bills.

I hope you are having better luck at this snail mail thing.


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Seattle, Rain, Waiting, Tee shirts, Rain, Waiting

fossil, rainy day tee,

What I did this weekend in bullets:

  • Went to Seattle
  • It rained on the way there
  • Ate at zooks Pizza
  • Stopped raining for 30 min
  • walked around
  • hung out in super huge hotel room
  • rained
  • studied the stuff I was going to say for my interview the next day (oh by the way I went to SEATTLE FOR AN INTERVIEW)
  • cuddled with boysquared (that is what I’m calling my fiance on here now…fyi)
  • went to sleep
  • got up at 8
  • showered
  • was up in time for the continental breakfast (that was a first)
  • got ready for interview slowly because I had 3 hours till it was time
  • it was raining
  • went to interview
  • finished interview
  • it was a really cool interview
  • stopped raining for a sec
  • I walked back to hotel
  • boysquared checked us out
  • went strait to pier 66
  • ate super good fried salmon and chips
  • bought honey at the market
  • stopped by the mall to meet up with old acquaintance
  • stopped by the fossil and picked up that really cute umbrella tee
  • stopped raining
  • a little sunny
  • had really weird  bubble smoothie shake
  • got back in car
  • started raining
  • rained the whole way home
  • got home
  • stopped raining
  • felt like i accomplished a lot in one day and it felt more like a week
  • back to waiting
  • it’s currently raining


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