Drowning in silence

I can’t hear even though I can a little. I guess that has given me a quiet voice. I think I might be done trying to talk to people I am so tires of not feeling heard…. its like my voice is at a frequency where people can’t hear it unless they a puppsly listening for it. Im so tired of communication. I rather be alone. Enemy though I don’t feel like being alone. Im just so tired of trying because it feels like I have to make such a hard effort 24/7. So I just thought I would come hear a write it since no one in this four seat car can hear me.


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Dear Inter-webs,

I feel soo disconnected. I feel like if I leave…like it wouldn’t be a big deal. There is always someone else that can take my place. 

I don’t know what the point is of saying anything else. 

~ bye 

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setting: me and my husband in our room. me on the bed and him on the computer

me: are you playing starwars or batman?

him: starways…why whould i play batman?

me: well it sounds like batman but when i look over it looks like starwars. 

him: starwars has nothing to do with batman

me: well you said cat lady and i got confussed

him: yeah it was just a lady that looked like a cat in starwars

me: still not sure




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today in list

  • hit snooze 5 times it seems
  • did a work out leg stretches, arm weights
  • took a shower
  • dried my hair
  • ate some home made banana bread that I made a couple of days ago
  • cleaned up my resume
  • worked on a cover letter
  • make lasagna in a crock pot
  • sent in my resume and cover letter
  • make more food
  • wash dishes

that is it so far, maybe I’ll hang out with the hubby later.  oh and it also snowed!!!!!

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bulling and such

I’m kind of just fed up with being picked on. When I say, “kind of” I mean I am really just done with it. I just want a vacation from it and when I return for it to never happen again. So I guess you could say that I want it to stop forever but no I am saying that I want to have a vacation and then to be presently relived to never have to put up with it again.

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Happy Birthday to me…. lalala!

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omg my hubby just took me to a place with fried pickles!!!! I’m in Love!!!!
OH how I missed them.

that’s what is up

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a long time thinking

OK so I totally sat down to write a montage of my life up to now and then was contemplating writing a post about each year I’ve lived.  I even wrote out how old I was each year  but then my head started hurting. You know why? Well simply because it’s sore from my constant tugging at my hair. Now you should know that the point of my blog Girl Squared wan’t planned to be constant posts about my ocd but now as I sit twisting my hair I feel like I should actually write out what I do to myself everyday that I look Trichomania in the face.

I am going to pause now and take a shower because I find a hot shower is will cause a welcomed break and relief from this annoying little things so excuse me for a sec.

1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi  4 Mississippi

(I never came back to post this because my hair got in the way lame)


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so I went on a vacation for two weeks and lost internets and then my desk top computer started freaking out and so now I have finally decided to just log on using my lap top because i feel really bad about not updated. I have had so many post ideas too. So I will start posting again. (crossing fingers)

later~ girl squared

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Going out on the town

boy squared: Do you want me to wear my polo and jeans?
girl squared: whatever is cooler for you.
boy squared: what is cooler?
girl squared: temperature

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