“C” crave

I’ve been craving oranges! I usually buy six at a time. This is no where enough for me let alone for me and my husband. The problem is, is that the selection at the store has been horrible the last couple of weeks. I will go in and there will be tables heaping full of oranges but once I touch one it becomes evident that most of them aren’t good. I of course try to find at least two good ones. When I get home I eat one and It’s soooo amazing I can’t believe that I lucked out. So then I get cocky and of course reach for the second one and……. failure. It’s so dry and yucky.

Here are some pictures of the yucky one. It looks yummy and juicy but sadly it isn’t. (it photographs cool though)




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cupcake, strawberry

So last night I made Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Butter Cream Frosting!

I hand mixed the frosting ingredients thus making my frosting on the dippy side.  They are so yummy though.  I think since summer is nearing I will use fresh strawberries and a little bit more then what the recipe called for. (it called for 5 chopped) It made 12 and I’ve already (my boysquared had one) eaten half.

cupcake, strawberry, martha stewart

It is starting  to warm up around here for a few days. Thankfully!



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married life

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24 hours and $200 out

  • vault walls

  • slept in
  • packed bags
  • put all wedding stuff in car
  • got subway
  • bought car treats at grocery -chocolate chip bars, MTN DEW, and scooby snacks
  • got gas
  • drove ( actually I just rode thank God for BF’s)
  • saw strange rocks
  • passed a perfectly lined up trees at a tree farm ( more like land)
  • saw firetrucks putting out a brush fire that was on our side of the road
  • passed state line
  • got to destination without looking at map
  • was greeted by my old puppy
  • chit chatted with parentals
  • ate grilled chicken (mmmm yummy)
  • went on a driving tour of a town
  • stopped to take a picture of a slushie statue
  • ate angel food cake!!!!
  • played a card game called nickel
  • my mom and I timed me getting in and out of my dress
  • went to sleep town
  • got up
  • ate toast
  • chitchatted in dining room
  • drove to downtown
  • went to bank
  • went to courthouse
  • had to go inside the old vault
  • got marriage licence
  • went to grocery store
  • paid for wedding cake
  • bought other goodies like the new mtn dew flavor and fresh baked cookies and a slice of our wedding cake
  • went to record store and bought records and postcard
  • went to lunch with parentals I have a falafel
  • went to toy store
  • almost bought a stuffed moose for nephew
  • said bye bye to puppy
  • drove  a while
  • past state line
  • got gas because it’s cheaper and bought tea
  • passed crazy tree farm
  • trip allways seems faster on the way back even tough it isn’t
  • stopped in a moutain town
  • almost ate pizza
  • ate Chinese instead
  • looked in to closed shopped
  • stopped by a place I want to work at
  • drove some more even though I was riding
  • sang really loud to Weezer for the last hour
  • arrived home by the end of the cd (when I say cd I mean Ipod of course)
  • relaxed
  • hooked up new record player
  • didn’t get it to work
  • booked wedding night room
  • planned honeymoon trip
  • made plans to call in the morning
  • went to sleepy town

well that was my “weekend”.


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ace of a wedding cake

this past weekend I took boysquared to the place were cakes are made and showed him the ones I was contemplating. the conversation went like this:

girlsquared: I like this 3 layer square cake but without the decoration and trimming.

boysquared: what you don’t want decoration? you watch all those cake shows (ace of cakes is what he is referring to) I know you like decoration and I know a plane white cake isn’t you.

girlsquared: yeah but I can’t afford to get a dragon cake.

boysquared: well all I am saying is that you want a cake that shows off our wedding topper and what I see is that cake with the flowers draws your eye perfectly to the top. This is what I do, critique.  That is why they loved me at design school and this is why you should just choose the cake you think is best.

girlsquared: well then I’m going to order the 3 layer circle cake with white icing scrowlings on the side with raspberry filling.

boysquared: sounds perfect that way imperfections in the decoration won’t show up.

girlsquared: that is exactly what I was thinking

then lots of kissing and ordering ensued.

ta dah


so ordered cake = check

ordered flowers= check

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Seattle, Rain, Waiting, Tee shirts, Rain, Waiting

fossil, rainy day tee,


What I did this weekend in bullets:

  • Went to Seattle
  • It rained on the way there
  • Ate at zooks Pizza
  • Stopped raining for 30 min
  • walked around
  • hung out in super huge hotel room
  • rained
  • studied the stuff I was going to say for my interview the next day (oh by the way I went to SEATTLE FOR AN INTERVIEW)
  • cuddled with boysquared (that is what I’m calling my fiance on here now…fyi)
  • went to sleep
  • got up at 8
  • showered
  • was up in time for the continental breakfast (that was a first)
  • got ready for interview slowly because I had 3 hours till it was time
  • it was raining
  • went to interview
  • finished interview
  • it was a really cool interview
  • stopped raining for a sec
  • I walked back to hotel
  • boysquared checked us out
  • went strait to pier 66
  • ate super good fried salmon and chips
  • bought honey at the market
  • stopped by the mall to meet up with old acquaintance
  • stopped by the fossil and picked up that really cute umbrella tee
  • stopped raining
  • a little sunny
  • had really weird  bubble smoothie shake
  • got back in car
  • started raining
  • rained the whole way home
  • got home
  • stopped raining
  • felt like i accomplished a lot in one day and it felt more like a week
  • back to waiting
  • it’s currently raining


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Quit complaining about your assets

Well I was going to write a long heartfelt blog about how girls just need to start loving themselves for who they are and quit being so nit picky about their appearances!!!!!!!!!!! This was all running through my head as I was driving to the grocery store to grab more waffle mix. This was all sparked when a promo for behind the lyrics for Jonny Diaz came on, and of course the song More Beautiful You plays in the background. Don’t know why but I just really dislike that song!!! Actually, I do…

But then all of this happened:

I had to stop to get gas because my light was on and that is not good. I rarely ever get it that low, so I’m kind of rushed to get it filled again. BUT of course there was a two car line for every pump and since the station is in the same lot as the grocery store, I decided to just park, shop and then fill up. (This way if my car is stolen, they can’t get far)

I went shopping for lots of groceries like: apples, soups, veggies, boxed noodles and rice, juice and ice cream. Let’s just say instead of buying a $2.99 box of waffle mix I bought an average of $70 groceries for the week.

I get in line behind two people, wait and then finally unload all of my goodies on the conveyor belt. Once the guy in front of me starts paying I reach into my purse and can’t seem to grab a hold of my wallet.  This is when images of me getting my wallet out in front of my computer the night before to buy overly priced makeup flashed through my head. I had left my wallet at my apartment!!!! (ARG) I then looked at the food waiting to be scanned, the people behind me and then turned to the cashier scrambling for something to say.  So this is what I said =D

me: “Umm I just relized that my husband has my wallet…”

cashier: “so you can’t pay for this”

me:” Is there a way i could come back?”

cashier: ” yeah I’ll just ring it up and you’ll need to come back to this register”

me:” ok i’ll be right back… prolly only 15 min”

ok… I didn’t even have time to smile about the fact I used my engagement ring as an escape goat. Cause in all honesty it was my fault I wasn’t ready to pay…lol =)

anyway so I drove home and back…I’m not sure how long it took me but when I got back to the store all my stuff was in a cart just waiting for me to pay. so i’m not sure if i should think of it as awesome not having to wait in line while he scanned it or just lucky that i was able to get back quick enough so my ice cream didn’t melt all over the place.

So by this time there weren’t any lines at the gas pump…but it did cost a lot to fill it up since i normally fill up at 3/4th tank… but the peace of mind that my tank is full is worth it.

So that is why I decided to write about something other then what I started out writing. Have no fear I WILL be bringing up your assets again.

cheers   =D

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Eating Things Up


I made waffles today!!!!!! With STRAWBERRIES!!!!!

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