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Gretchen Jones


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Hurray! Seth for the Gold!

hurray! Seth Arron won last night with his edgy structured collection! He sure did the upper west coast proud. The more fashion news from the Portland area the better!

let’s travel down memory lane of outfits from the season. Seth Aaron Henderson

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Final Project Runway

I want Seth Aaron to win! I think that Emillo is going to actually win though…

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episode 9 of the group project runway

Seth Aaron and Emio Sosa delivered this for Harlem inspiration.

I didn’t really like where anyone went with their designs for their various places. This team did a great execution even though the zipper on the long dress was over praised. Why do you ask? That zipper technique is nothing new. It just fit well with the theme.

What I liked the most about this challenge is that the guest judge ( Francisco Costa <!–



) actually had his vary own opinion. He said, jay’s pants and top had a “synergy” and there is something awesome about the miss matched of the pants and top. This was said after Nina went on and on about how it just doesn’t work and is horrible yadda yadda yadda.

Whatever. I’m just proud that someone had something real to say. That was the best part of this episode!!!!

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pr love episode 8

the elements challenge: Wow, I have to say I’m impressed with the designers for once, they didn’t seem to go the typical routes (chiffon, shimmery blues). They really conceptualized it! I’m proud.

here are Seth Aarons and Amy’s looks!


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Still Life

I love this picture! It’s adorable. What a special moment in Project Runway.

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episode I don’t know anymore. Project runway….

Episode Seven! As much as I LOVE childrenswear. I LOVE, Love going to the hardware store for inspiration for designs. I’m so glad this season they took the designers to a hardware store to get their materials. My favorites were Jonathon’s and Seth Arron’s looks. Mostly I just love the detailing in Jonathon’s and I like the silhouette of Seth’s.

The seventh episode of this seventh season was pretty much seven heaven to me.

that is all I have to say or well that is all I am going to write. Sorry this is a week late. ARg!


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Who and Where to buy this stuff… Project Runway Game Episode 6

I loved this weeks challenge!!! I love designing childrens clothes! I liked that they had to make an “adult” version!

Let’s play a game! I’m going to list Where kids out fit could be purchased, Who will be purchasing it, and random other comments.  I will comment close to the same on the adult outfit.

here goes!

Seth A: purchased at a Kid Boutique…. hip mother, friends of mother will be purchasing this outfit… The “adult” outfit would deffinatly be purchased by a fashionista in a boutique. Also, cheaper versions would sell well in department stores.

Amy: purchased in boutique. bought by trendy mothers,

Anthony: purchased at Ross. purchased by a last minute mom…not so hip…same for “adult” look …

ben: purchased at  k-mart.

Emilio: purchased in easter section at Sears. Purchased by Grandparent… The adult look on the other hand if the construction was a little better could retail at a high end department store like, Barneys.

What is going on here? How about craft project gone bad…

Ok, so you kind of got the gist of what I was going for. So my challenge to you is. Where do you see these outfits? In my opinion they are all “salable” it just depends on who is buying it and where. I’m not going to do all the thinking for you.


p.s. I am sooo glad there is a new episode to watch this week because I can never watch the elimination of the childrens challenge ever again…

p.s.s. I guess I will just pretend I took a short break for the Olympics even though I’ve had this post ready since the day after the episode aired the first time. ????

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Episode Five Recap And My Top faves!

Seth Aaron Henderson"Janeane Ceccanti" " Marie Clare"Maya Luz on the cover"Amy Sarabi"" Marie Clare Magazine Cover"ana lynett magazine"Jay"" project runway mag cover"Anthony Willims on marie"Emilio Sosa" " Marie Clare"Jonathan Peters on Marie Clare

Favorite over all? Seth Aaron ,  Anthony Williams,  Jay Nicolas Sario

Favorite for Heidie?  Maya Luz, Anthony Williams

Favorite for a Magazine Cover? Seth Aaron Henderson (also I like his model a lot for a photo shoot as well! )

My Not So Favorite? Emilio Sosa

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Project Runway in the Magazine episode five 11 0f 11

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