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fossil, rainy day tee,

What I did this weekend in bullets:

  • Went to Seattle
  • It rained on the way there
  • Ate at zooks Pizza
  • Stopped raining for 30 min
  • walked around
  • hung out in super huge hotel room
  • rained
  • studied the stuff I was going to say for my interview the next day (oh by the way I went to SEATTLE FOR AN INTERVIEW)
  • cuddled with boysquared (that is what I’m calling my fiance on here now…fyi)
  • went to sleep
  • got up at 8
  • showered
  • was up in time for the continental breakfast (that was a first)
  • got ready for interview slowly because I had 3 hours till it was time
  • it was raining
  • went to interview
  • finished interview
  • it was a really cool interview
  • stopped raining for a sec
  • I walked back to hotel
  • boysquared checked us out
  • went strait to pier 66
  • ate super good fried salmon and chips
  • bought honey at the market
  • stopped by the mall to meet up with old acquaintance
  • stopped by the fossil and picked up that really cute umbrella tee
  • stopped raining
  • a little sunny
  • had really weird  bubble smoothie shake
  • got back in car
  • started raining
  • rained the whole way home
  • got home
  • stopped raining
  • felt like i accomplished a lot in one day and it felt more like a week
  • back to waiting
  • it’s currently raining



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silly little thing

google, octopus




octipus, ink, google

my google homepage has been cracking me up every time I open it up throughout the day. This little octopus guy cracks me up. =)


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waves of sadness and falure and disillusion

my dad got let go from his job. Being a PK I don’t normally talk about this stuff in public. But I’m really tired of sitting in the back. I think since this site IS anonymous I feel like I should be free to say how I feel. I think there are a lot of things PKs never get to say or if they do they focus it towards something else. So on top of all the fun posts of centerpieces, candles, food and whatever I will blog about things from my pk past and my future.

I know that I haven’t gone into detail but I will. Give me some time to collect my thoughts.


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episode 9 of the group project runway

Seth Aaron and Emio Sosa delivered this for Harlem inspiration.

I didn’t really like where anyone went with their designs for their various places. This team did a great execution even though the zipper on the long dress was over praised. Why do you ask? That zipper technique is nothing new. It just fit well with the theme.

What I liked the most about this challenge is that the guest judge ( Francisco Costa <!–



) actually had his vary own opinion. He said, jay’s pants and top had a “synergy” and there is something awesome about the miss matched of the pants and top. This was said after Nina went on and on about how it just doesn’t work and is horrible yadda yadda yadda.

Whatever. I’m just proud that someone had something real to say. That was the best part of this episode!!!!

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100 days to go!!!!

I am at the 100 day till my wedding mark today! I have so many thoughts I want to share but that would take so many different blog posts. I’ve been planning, and planning for my wedding day. I think today I will take a few minutes to step back and just say, ” I am so excited”. Excited not that it’s a wedding and it’s  mine. I’m excited because a 100 days from now I will we united to the man who truly wants and lets me be who I am.  He just lets me be weird for the hell of it and usually  he will jump right in. I’m excited because it means that I get to hangout with my best friend everyday. I will have someone to hold my hand.  There is a ton more but that is good enough for now. YAY 100 days.

Cheers  ~

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pr love episode 8

the elements challenge: Wow, I have to say I’m impressed with the designers for once, they didn’t seem to go the typical routes (chiffon, shimmery blues). They really conceptualized it! I’m proud.

here are Seth Aarons and Amy’s looks!


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Casting call for Narrators

ie: Ewan McGregor ( I have no idea how to say his name).  I was watching “The Men Who Stare at Goats” last night and was like man this guy narrating this movie sounds very familiar.

That is when it hit me! Moulin Rouge! The guy narrating is Ewan McGregor and he was in the movie Moulin Rouge. All I could think of from there on was that man this guys resume screams ” I can narrate my why though a movie”! Plus, did anyone notice that in both movies he is writing the story as well. Omg!

Cheers to that!


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Still Life

I love this picture! It’s adorable. What a special moment in Project Runway.

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episode I don’t know anymore. Project runway….

Episode Seven! As much as I LOVE childrenswear. I LOVE, Love going to the hardware store for inspiration for designs. I’m so glad this season they took the designers to a hardware store to get their materials. My favorites were Jonathon’s and Seth Arron’s looks. Mostly I just love the detailing in Jonathon’s and I like the silhouette of Seth’s.

The seventh episode of this seventh season was pretty much seven heaven to me.

that is all I have to say or well that is all I am going to write. Sorry this is a week late. ARg!


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So I finally picked out my center pieces.  I got them from Ikea.  They were very inexpensive. I got 14 of them. I am hoping that I am estimating the amount of people ok. They are sooo CUTE!!! I got blue and pink candles to go inside them. yay!

One more thing to mark off the list!!!


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