Seattle, Rain, Waiting, Tee shirts, Rain, Waiting

fossil, rainy day tee,

What I did this weekend in bullets:

  • Went to Seattle
  • It rained on the way there
  • Ate at zooks Pizza
  • Stopped raining for 30 min
  • walked around
  • hung out in super huge hotel room
  • rained
  • studied the stuff I was going to say for my interview the next day (oh by the way I went to SEATTLE FOR AN INTERVIEW)
  • cuddled with boysquared (that is what I’m calling my fiance on here now…fyi)
  • went to sleep
  • got up at 8
  • showered
  • was up in time for the continental breakfast (that was a first)
  • got ready for interview slowly because I had 3 hours till it was time
  • it was raining
  • went to interview
  • finished interview
  • it was a really cool interview
  • stopped raining for a sec
  • I walked back to hotel
  • boysquared checked us out
  • went strait to pier 66
  • ate super good fried salmon and chips
  • bought honey at the market
  • stopped by the mall to meet up with old acquaintance
  • stopped by the fossil and picked up that really cute umbrella tee
  • stopped raining
  • a little sunny
  • had really weird  bubble smoothie shake
  • got back in car
  • started raining
  • rained the whole way home
  • got home
  • stopped raining
  • felt like i accomplished a lot in one day and it felt more like a week
  • back to waiting
  • it’s currently raining



March 30, 2010. Tags: , , , , , , , . food, listing, Love, old friends, Passion for Fashion, shopping.

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