A Mother: (directed at daughter) Don’t give me those eyeballs. I don’t want to see those eyes again

Girl: frowny face

boy: haha but mom isn’t that kind of funny, you don’t want to SEE her EYEBALLS.


That made me giggle all afternoon


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When reading

When reading things do you ever just stop and wonder were on earth is this coming from. How has the world and society gotten to this place. ( I know and am planning on being vague)


Mostly I just want to say why don’t people work towards being more well rounded? Why don’t people research what they are doing. Why can’t people branch out? Why do they have to complicate things?

These are the questions I am left wondering after reading an article I found online.




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“C” crave

I’ve been craving oranges! I usually buy six at a time. This is no where enough for me let alone for me and my husband. The problem is, is that the selection at the store has been horrible the last couple of weeks. I will go in and there will be tables heaping full of oranges but once I touch one it becomes evident that most of them aren’t good. I of course try to find at least two good ones. When I get home I eat one and It’s soooo amazing I can’t believe that I lucked out. So then I get cocky and of course reach for the second one and……. failure. It’s so dry and yucky.

Here are some pictures of the yucky one. It looks yummy and juicy but sadly it isn’t. (it photographs cool though)



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The way things…were said

Things that where said to me on Saturday that I was offended by but wasn’t sure if you were being serious or sarcastic.

1. “What do you want to do? Since it’s ALL about YOU”
2. “Tell me what she doesn’t look cute in”
3. “Thanks for taking charge while we walked around downtown”

I guess you had to hear how they where said.


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I’m having a hard time wording things so that people give me the right answer. It sounds like I have a hard time communicating my thoughts? Nope, it’s not that. It’s not the communicating something on a large scale. It’s the saying something to someone in passing. It’s usually a quick question that never seems to come out correctly. Well I think it comes off clear but I always get an answer about something else. It’s probably half my falt that I don’t correct it after they answer but by the time I get the wrong answer I just figure it’s easier to figure it out myself or I realize the issue isn’t really a problem anyways. Also, most of the time I do ask a question it is mostly because I already know the answer, I just like to group problem solve. I guess it’s mostly for validation. Anyways, this is why I feel soooo ahhhhh alone.

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The Blue Gum

I was at the grocery store yesterday. As I walked by the gum and sugary sweats isle a guy asked for my attention. “Hi, I am from Germany. Do you happen to know if this gum (pointing to Wrigley gum) is the blue one. Everyone in Germany wants the American blue Gum.”  I said ” geee I don’t know sorry”.

Ok so lame that I couldn’t help him. But seriously I am the wrong person to ask. Maybe if he would have described the 80’s or 90’s commercial of it I could tell him. (I for some reason have a vast knowledge of gum commercials of the 80’s and 90’s… I don’t know why… but I use to sing them while I was playing or swinging on swings)

oh fyi I don’t chew gum it makes my tummy hurt… so totally the wrong person to ask buddy. lol

Back to the story though. I actually have a sister in law that has lived in Germany and frequents there yearly. Actually, her german friends flew over to America and came to my wedding. So I have German connections. So who did I call?  no not ghost busters… I call my sister in law squared if she knew of this awesome “American Gum” that apparently Germans want.

She didn’t answer or has yet to call me back but I would like to get down to the bottom of this mystery.

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Just talk to me

Dear People!

If you hate bra shopping sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much then talk to me. That is why I just asked you if you were finding everything ok. So you would have an in to ask me what you need. I will have you in and out of that fitting room in 20min, 45 if you are the picky type.

That is why I’m standing here.


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So I work in a department store. You know, the kind usually found in malls that house clothing and home goods?  Today someone asked me where our pencils, pens, binders and notebooks were.

I said, (probably with a puzzled look) “We don’t carry that.”

they responded with a look that was like wtf gee why on earth why “oh?”

I then just went on my own business because… really?

I don’t know how to fix that.


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80’s really?

I know that I am exactly in my mid twenties but the idea of going out to a club seems sooo like back on that month in my early twenties. lol. I just am not that kind of girl. I am also not the kind of girl to sit at home and play dnd. I don’t know what I am really except that I am laid back, but I’m super aware of my surroundings. I love dancing. I just like to do it at home or like in a house. I don’t know if the memories of trying to not have tons of frat boys rub on my while I dance turns me off of the “going to the club” idea but in my head I just get this sense of boardom.  It’s not as freeing and relaxing like doing it at home….I guess?

I kind of  feel bad about not going tonight  though. Mostly because I said I would because the person who asked just got major dumped by her boyfriend.

It’s not like I didn’t try to go. I did. but I really hate driving. and now the waking up early for work and stresses of the day have caught up with me. I’m worn out.

I want to hang out with my husband.

I want to just have fun in a calm way. That could include dancing in my living room.

I don’t want to hook my friend up at a club. I don’t believe in that kind of behavior.

I just want to be me. I had to be someone else for sooo freaking long.


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a letter to a friend in the air force

I’m so proud of you for getting through bootcamp. I can’t believe you will be done in just a few weeks!
What Is an MRE Lunch?  Maranaded Radish Enchiladas? I could Google it but I’ll just wait patiantly for you to fill me in.
I have just three weeks as well until I get hitched. So I’ve been driving back and forth from Vancouver to Walla every week it seems. Well anyway while driving through a canyon Boysquared and I saw  a fighter, jet It kind of looked like an F-117 Nighthawk (awesome… I googled that) but it probably wasnt. It zoomed right past us along the river, into a back flip into the clouds. It was super cool and It also reminded me that I still needed to find a cool post card to send you.
Well I miss having you close by but I’m super stoked to hear about your adventures in the airforce. Are you heading straight to tech school after this or do you get a small break inbetween.
You are in my thoughts. I hope you have a great couple of weeks!

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