Photography Friday

Taken on a  crisp fall walkfall apple, broken apple, photo friday


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Outfits and What to Wear?

Top:                                        City Streets                                                            Forever 21

Skirt:                                            Made                                                                         Made

Sandals                                        Payless                                                                 Payless

equally good. Which one should I wear?


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cupcake, strawberry

So last night I made Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Butter Cream Frosting!

I hand mixed the frosting ingredients thus making my frosting on the dippy side.  They are so yummy though.  I think since summer is nearing I will use fresh strawberries and a little bit more then what the recipe called for. (it called for 5 chopped) It made 12 and I’ve already (my boysquared had one) eaten half.

cupcake, strawberry, martha stewart

It is starting  to warm up around here for a few days. Thankfully!



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A spOt Of cOlOr

I’ve been searching to a color to paint my nails for the summer. i usually go for a hot pink but this summer I’ve been leaning towards blues and minty colors.

Blue, Slushy, Feeling Great, Hot Pink, Midtown, Super Pink, Mint Apple, Sinful Colors, Love and Beauty, NYC color Minute     These are the colors I’ve tried so far: a hot pink in NYC and in Sinful color which are the colors I usually use. I found and awesome mint apple in Sinful Colors and had almost decided on it. I went to Forever 21 yesterday and found this awesome blue nail polish that looks alot like the OPI Slushi for glee polish in sephora stores. It is the Forever 21 polish called Love and beauty in the “blue”. It is sooo pretty and bright.

Love and beauty, blue nails,  I did  my toes too but they arent’ perfect yet sooo no picture.You should try it. they have a million other colors you will die for too. Plus they are only $2.80 not bad for a solid color.  I’ll post links later.

much love,

~girl squared pants!!!!

**** ok I linked nail polishes to their site except for sinful color because there isn’t one right now. 

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The way things…were said

Things that where said to me on Saturday that I was offended by but wasn’t sure if you were being serious or sarcastic.

1. “What do you want to do? Since it’s ALL about YOU”
2. “Tell me what she doesn’t look cute in”
3. “Thanks for taking charge while we walked around downtown”

I guess you had to hear how they where said.


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todays health watch:

I just tried this. It actually tastes good and it’s good for you.

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I’m having a hard time wording things so that people give me the right answer. It sounds like I have a hard time communicating my thoughts? Nope, it’s not that. It’s not the communicating something on a large scale. It’s the saying something to someone in passing. It’s usually a quick question that never seems to come out correctly. Well I think it comes off clear but I always get an answer about something else. It’s probably half my falt that I don’t correct it after they answer but by the time I get the wrong answer I just figure it’s easier to figure it out myself or I realize the issue isn’t really a problem anyways. Also, most of the time I do ask a question it is mostly because I already know the answer, I just like to group problem solve. I guess it’s mostly for validation. Anyways, this is why I feel soooo ahhhhh alone.

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a trichotillomania problem

I’m not going to say that I’ve been relapse free as in ever. No no I continually pull my hair everyday but today was the worst. I need to stop. I did schedule an hair appointment because I was doing really good but it only takes one day to set me back at least a month. I’m writing this down as a pep talk into getting me to stop pulling and start conditioning. It’s a new program. lol i’m slightly being sarcastic. I’m really bummed about rescheduling my appointment because I was really excited about my new due. oh I still really like the style I have right now.. plus I was kind of really tight financially to do it this month anyways. But anyways I know that I’ve been going in and out of depression states the past couple of months and that is probably not helping me kick the problem. It’s werid though I kept busy all day long. I was really productive and then all of a sudden it hit and disaster. I guess that just proves that it can happen even at my most productive days. shucks. I kind of had a revelation that I need to start thinking of it as gross when I see my hair not on my head and maybe that will start triggering me to stop. I also need to hop onto the wagon of keeping my hand busy at all times and buy some sketchbooks and put them at every place that I sit and hangout at.

ok Break. Tomorrow is a new day or well it’s 2:30am so when I wake up it will be a fresh start to the day and I can start over.
Good Luck! and I Love you!


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The Blue Gum

I was at the grocery store yesterday. As I walked by the gum and sugary sweats isle a guy asked for my attention. “Hi, I am from Germany. Do you happen to know if this gum (pointing to Wrigley gum) is the blue one. Everyone in Germany wants the American blue Gum.”  I said ” geee I don’t know sorry”.

Ok so lame that I couldn’t help him. But seriously I am the wrong person to ask. Maybe if he would have described the 80’s or 90’s commercial of it I could tell him. (I for some reason have a vast knowledge of gum commercials of the 80’s and 90’s… I don’t know why… but I use to sing them while I was playing or swinging on swings)

oh fyi I don’t chew gum it makes my tummy hurt… so totally the wrong person to ask buddy. lol

Back to the story though. I actually have a sister in law that has lived in Germany and frequents there yearly. Actually, her german friends flew over to America and came to my wedding. So I have German connections. So who did I call?  no not ghost busters… I call my sister in law squared if she knew of this awesome “American Gum” that apparently Germans want.

She didn’t answer or has yet to call me back but I would like to get down to the bottom of this mystery.

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the air brush look

this morning:

boysquared: do you use brushes or sponges to put on makeup?
me: both?
boysquared: cause i was watching an infomertial last night
me: (giggle)
boysquared: It was the only thing on at 3am… it was about airbrush makeup… it will make you 10 years younger i guess
me: (giggle)
boysquared: however I don’t know if you need to look 15… and make me look more of a…what is that word… you know child doer?
me: (giggle)
boysquared: nah what is that word child?
me: I know what word you are talking about but could you please tell me what you are wanting to say again
boysquared: laugh (throws pillow)
me: (giggle)

to airbrush my make up or not that is the question and I suppose I wont so my honey bun doesn’t look like a child doer…lol…actually i think it might make me look ten years younger then 15 which is 5 and i really don’t need boyquared getting asked “my how fast and tall your 5 year old is these days”

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