A spOt Of cOlOr

I’ve been searching to a color to paint my nails for the summer. i usually go for a hot pink but this summer I’ve been leaning towards blues and minty colors.

Blue, Slushy, Feeling Great, Hot Pink, Midtown, Super Pink, Mint Apple, Sinful Colors, Love and Beauty, NYC color Minute     These are the colors I’ve tried so far: a hot pink in NYC and in Sinful color which are the colors I usually use. I found and awesome mint apple in Sinful Colors and had almost decided on it. I went to Forever 21 yesterday and found this awesome blue nail polish that looks alot like the OPI Slushi for glee polish in sephora stores. It is the Forever 21 polish called Love and beauty in the “blue”. It is sooo pretty and bright.

Love and beauty, blue nails,  I did  my toes too but they arent’ perfect yet sooo no picture.You should try it. they have a million other colors you will die for too. Plus they are only $2.80 not bad for a solid color.  I’ll post links later.

much love,

~girl squared pants!!!!

**** ok I linked nail polishes to their site except for sinful color because there isn’t one right now. 


April 20, 2011. Love, POP Culture, shopping.

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