a trichotillomania problem

I’m not going to say that I’ve been relapse free as in ever. No no I continually pull my hair everyday but today was the worst. I need to stop. I did schedule an hair appointment because I was doing really good but it only takes one day to set me back at least a month. I’m writing this down as a pep talk into getting me to stop pulling and start conditioning. It’s a new program. lol i’m slightly being sarcastic. I’m really bummed about rescheduling my appointment because I was really excited about my new due. oh I still really like the style I have right now.. plus I was kind of really tight financially to do it this month anyways. But anyways I know that I’ve been going in and out of depression states the past couple of months and that is probably not helping me kick the problem. It’s werid though I kept busy all day long. I was really productive and then all of a sudden it hit and disaster. I guess that just proves that it can happen even at my most productive days. shucks. I kind of had a revelation that I need to start thinking of it as gross when I see my hair not on my head and maybe that will start triggering me to stop. I also need to hop onto the wagon of keeping my hand busy at all times and buy some sketchbooks and put them at every place that I sit and hangout at.

ok Break. Tomorrow is a new day or well it’s 2:30am so when I wake up it will be a fresh start to the day and I can start over.
Good Luck! and I Love you!



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  1. RodrigoMouse replied:

    I have trichotillomania too. Good luck!

  2. AnonMommy replied:

    I think it helps if you reward yourself if you don’t pull for a certain amount of time.

    I’m going to start bribing myself.

  3. So, There' s This Disorder... replied:

    Hey! I also have Trich..
    I think it’s awesome that you’re being aware of your environment and using tools to avoid pulling when you get urges. Keep at it, we can fight this 🙂

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