Today is Sunday

  • Filled car with gas o leeen = check
  • went to fabric store on the other side of town = check
  • went to sewing machine store = check
  • went to convenient store to pick up newspaper (i’ve been watching a lot of extreme couponing this past week) = check
  • looked through coupons = check
  • didn’t find anything that extreme
  • made meatloaf = check
  • cuddled with hubby = check
  • updated blog = check
  • snack and then bed?

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A spOt Of cOlOr

I’ve been searching to a color to paint my nails for the summer. i usually go for a hot pink but this summer I’ve been leaning towards blues and minty colors.

Blue, Slushy, Feeling Great, Hot Pink, Midtown, Super Pink, Mint Apple, Sinful Colors, Love and Beauty, NYC color Minute     These are the colors I’ve tried so far: a hot pink in NYC and in Sinful color which are the colors I usually use. I found and awesome mint apple in Sinful Colors and had almost decided on it. I went to Forever 21 yesterday and found this awesome blue nail polish that looks alot like the OPI Slushi for glee polish in sephora stores. It is the Forever 21 polish called Love and beauty in the “blue”. It is sooo pretty and bright.

Love and beauty, blue nails,  I did  my toes too but they arent’ perfect yet sooo no picture.You should try it. they have a million other colors you will die for too. Plus they are only $2.80 not bad for a solid color.  I’ll post links later.

much love,

~girl squared pants!!!!

**** ok I linked nail polishes to their site except for sinful color because there isn’t one right now. 

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delicious dresses by MANGO

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24 hours and $200 out

  • vault walls

  • slept in
  • packed bags
  • put all wedding stuff in car
  • got subway
  • bought car treats at grocery -chocolate chip bars, MTN DEW, and scooby snacks
  • got gas
  • drove ( actually I just rode thank God for BF’s)
  • saw strange rocks
  • passed a perfectly lined up trees at a tree farm ( more like land)
  • saw firetrucks putting out a brush fire that was on our side of the road
  • passed state line
  • got to destination without looking at map
  • was greeted by my old puppy
  • chit chatted with parentals
  • ate grilled chicken (mmmm yummy)
  • went on a driving tour of a town
  • stopped to take a picture of a slushie statue
  • ate angel food cake!!!!
  • played a card game called nickel
  • my mom and I timed me getting in and out of my dress
  • went to sleep town
  • got up
  • ate toast
  • chitchatted in dining room
  • drove to downtown
  • went to bank
  • went to courthouse
  • had to go inside the old vault
  • got marriage licence
  • went to grocery store
  • paid for wedding cake
  • bought other goodies like the new mtn dew flavor and fresh baked cookies and a slice of our wedding cake
  • went to record store and bought records and postcard
  • went to lunch with parentals I have a falafel
  • went to toy store
  • almost bought a stuffed moose for nephew
  • said bye bye to puppy
  • drove  a while
  • past state line
  • got gas because it’s cheaper and bought tea
  • passed crazy tree farm
  • trip allways seems faster on the way back even tough it isn’t
  • stopped in a moutain town
  • almost ate pizza
  • ate Chinese instead
  • looked in to closed shopped
  • stopped by a place I want to work at
  • drove some more even though I was riding
  • sang really loud to Weezer for the last hour
  • arrived home by the end of the cd (when I say cd I mean Ipod of course)
  • relaxed
  • hooked up new record player
  • didn’t get it to work
  • booked wedding night room
  • planned honeymoon trip
  • made plans to call in the morning
  • went to sleepy town

well that was my “weekend”.


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lol adds

loving this Target, Huggies add!


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rainy day equals wedding shopping

I ordered five of these little cameras today on THE KNOT .COM.

They were super cheep, 1.99 cheep. However the shipping was 11 bucks…arg. I decided on 5 because I want to have extra candids at the reception but I don’t want to go overboard on them. A. I have an awesome photographer deal B. most people have digital cameras C. I still have to pay for development.

I’m super excited! Only 30 days to go!


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the talleeee people

today a lady asked me if I could order her an outfit and that it needs to be in the talles (tall.ees). I said (puzzling thought in my head as to what on earth does she mean by tall.ees… is it her nick name for tall people? like when some ladies come up to me and ask for pants and they mean underwear?) ok and got onto my computer. As I was looking at the garment on my computer I informed her that it doesn’t come in a special measurement for tall and then proceeded to show her what the garment looks like in the store.  As are decided on what size she likes she shows me the tag and points and says “see Talles”. The tag reads ” Size Talla XL/XG” I as politely as I can with out the hint of a smirk  “oh that is Spanish for size”. She of course giggled  at her slip up.

I of course logged the memory away in my head as an “at amusing stuff happens sometimes at work…. maybe I’ll blog about it later?”

but what this little story really left me wondering is…

Why don’t people read things? I mean really read it. I understand that since it says size talla right next to it that one might go on ok that is the size in English. but this isn’t Starbucks, clothing companies don’t make up werid names for types of sizes. and also “XL” was right next to the words “size talla” , “XL” is universal English as an legit measuring size. So wouldn’t it make since to go oh the size is “XL” and forget all together about the talla word? Why wouldn’t you then come to the conclusion that the tag is bilingual? Especially since all tags are (ok most tags so when you don’t see a word you know then you know oh it’s bilingual) bilingual?

I guess since the tag is so small and the XL is bold compared to the rest… I don’t see how one could just read two words on a tag.

this is what I think about at work when I’m bombarded by stuff like this…WHy WHy Why?


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Found Friday

I like the back on this dress. You can find it here.

Happy Friday~

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Even though This is AMERICA and this is the INTERNET and this is MY BlOG where I want to say what I actually am thinking instead of hiding behind some wall and just fake smiling and saying yesa masta you are allways correct masta and I wouldn’t want to offend you because you offend me all the time but …you offending me is ok it’s just not ok for me to offend you.

So this is America and I do have the freedom of SPEECH!!!!! BUT as I was driving in my car today I realized that I don’t have the freedom of speech as in actually saying what I think I only have the freedom to think it.

So I’m sorry If I’m vague about my openions from here on out… but I wouldn’t want you to have to go through life knowing that Someone does not agree at all about what is going on in this World.



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you aren’t covering this girl!

So I’m boycotting Covergirl  Cosmetics.

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