The Blue Gum

I was at the grocery store yesterday. As I walked by the gum and sugary sweats isle a guy asked for my attention. “Hi, I am from Germany. Do you happen to know if this gum (pointing to Wrigley gum) is the blue one. Everyone in Germany wants the American blue Gum.”  I said ” geee I don’t know sorry”.

Ok so lame that I couldn’t help him. But seriously I am the wrong person to ask. Maybe if he would have described the 80’s or 90’s commercial of it I could tell him. (I for some reason have a vast knowledge of gum commercials of the 80’s and 90’s… I don’t know why… but I use to sing them while I was playing or swinging on swings)

oh fyi I don’t chew gum it makes my tummy hurt… so totally the wrong person to ask buddy. lol

Back to the story though. I actually have a sister in law that has lived in Germany and frequents there yearly. Actually, her german friends flew over to America and came to my wedding. So I have German connections. So who did I call?  no not ghost busters… I call my sister in law squared if she knew of this awesome “American Gum” that apparently Germans want.

She didn’t answer or has yet to call me back but I would like to get down to the bottom of this mystery.


April 4, 2011. silly little things, stupidness in public, Uncategorized.

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