omg my hubby just took me to a place with fried pickles!!!! I’m in Love!!!!
OH how I missed them.

that’s what is up


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I miss you

Hi, I’d like: six inch, honey oat, baked chicken breast, provolone, lettuce, spinach, pickles and pepper-chinnies. Chipolata sauce on top please.

I just recently moved out of downtown. Thus, moving me away from my regular subway. Now, when I say “regular” I am referring to all five subways that where around my apartment and work. I went to two different ones when I was at work (work was about ten blocks away from my apartment), I went to two other ones that were down the street from my apartment in opposite directions and the fifth one was five blocks away from my school.

Even though these are five different establishments in a fifty block radius, they all made my sandwich exactly the same and it always tasted extremely awesome and satisfying.

Now that I’ve moved out of this downtown area I have found my self living next to two subways. Just like when I lived downtown I switch back and forth (on a once a week basis now) on which one I go to.

But the sandwich doesn’t taste the same at all. I don’t know what it is, but instead of giving me a satisfied feeling my subs have tasted for lack of  better describing words “not so special”.

The cookies don’t taste as soft,and slightly crunchy either.

Now that i’ve gone on forever talking about how I can’t believe my sub doesn’t make me feel special anymore.  I am just going to leave you with this.

I plan on going downtown this week just for subway that makes me feel special.

I’m out.

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