a long time thinking

OK so I totally sat down to write a montage of my life up to now and then was contemplating writing a post about each year I’ve lived.  I even wrote out how old I was each year  but then my head started hurting. You know why? Well simply because it’s sore from my constant tugging at my hair. Now you should know that the point of my blog Girl Squared wan’t planned to be constant posts about my ocd but now as I sit twisting my hair I feel like I should actually write out what I do to myself everyday that I look Trichomania in the face.

I am going to pause now and take a shower because I find a hot shower is will cause a welcomed break and relief from this annoying little things so excuse me for a sec.

1 Mississippi 2 Mississippi 3 Mississippi  4 Mississippi

(I never came back to post this because my hair got in the way lame)



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