ace of a wedding cake

this past weekend I took boysquared to the place were cakes are made and showed him the ones I was contemplating. the conversation went like this:

girlsquared: I like this 3 layer square cake but without the decoration and trimming.

boysquared: what you don’t want decoration? you watch all those cake shows (ace of cakes is what he is referring to) I know you like decoration and I know a plane white cake isn’t you.

girlsquared: yeah but I can’t afford to get a dragon cake.

boysquared: well all I am saying is that you want a cake that shows off our wedding topper and what I see is that cake with the flowers draws your eye perfectly to the top. This is what I do, critique.  That is why they loved me at design school and this is why you should just choose the cake you think is best.

girlsquared: well then I’m going to order the 3 layer circle cake with white icing scrowlings on the side with raspberry filling.

boysquared: sounds perfect that way imperfections in the decoration won’t show up.

girlsquared: that is exactly what I was thinking

then lots of kissing and ordering ensued.

ta dah


so ordered cake = check

ordered flowers= check


April 23, 2010. Tags: , , , , . food, Wedding stuff.

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