Quit complaining about your assets

Well I was going to write a long heartfelt blog about how girls just need to start loving themselves for who they are and quit being so nit picky about their appearances!!!!!!!!!!! This was all running through my head as I was driving to the grocery store to grab more waffle mix. This was all sparked when a promo for behind the lyrics for Jonny Diaz came on, and of course the song More Beautiful You plays in the background. Don’t know why but I just really dislike that song!!! Actually, I do…

But then all of this happened:

I had to stop to get gas because my light was on and that is not good. I rarely ever get it that low, so I’m kind of rushed to get it filled again. BUT of course there was a two car line for every pump and since the station is in the same lot as the grocery store, I decided to just park, shop and then fill up. (This way if my car is stolen, they can’t get far)

I went shopping for lots of groceries like: apples, soups, veggies, boxed noodles and rice, juice and ice cream. Let’s just say instead of buying a $2.99 box of waffle mix I bought an average of $70 groceries for the week.

I get in line behind two people, wait and then finally unload all of my goodies on the conveyor belt. Once the guy in front of me starts paying I reach into my purse and can’t seem to grab a hold of my wallet.  This is when images of me getting my wallet out in front of my computer the night before to buy overly priced makeup flashed through my head. I had left my wallet at my apartment!!!! (ARG) I then looked at the food waiting to be scanned, the people behind me and then turned to the cashier scrambling for something to say.  So this is what I said =D

me: “Umm I just relized that my husband has my wallet…”

cashier: “so you can’t pay for this”

me:” Is there a way i could come back?”

cashier: ” yeah I’ll just ring it up and you’ll need to come back to this register”

me:” ok i’ll be right back… prolly only 15 min”

ok… I didn’t even have time to smile about the fact I used my engagement ring as an escape goat. Cause in all honesty it was my fault I wasn’t ready to pay…lol =)

anyway so I drove home and back…I’m not sure how long it took me but when I got back to the store all my stuff was in a cart just waiting for me to pay. so i’m not sure if i should think of it as awesome not having to wait in line while he scanned it or just lucky that i was able to get back quick enough so my ice cream didn’t melt all over the place.

So by this time there weren’t any lines at the gas pump…but it did cost a lot to fill it up since i normally fill up at 3/4th tank… but the peace of mind that my tank is full is worth it.

So that is why I decided to write about something other then what I started out writing. Have no fear I WILL be bringing up your assets again.

cheers   =D


January 26, 2010. Tags: , , , . food.

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