“a whisper of a thing”

“a whisper of a thing” is quote a sales lady at a bridal gown store said about me when I was trying of dresses. To be honest I couldn’t believe how amazing I looked in a wedding gown but to be honest I’ve never thought of myself as a whisper. I mean she did have to practically pen the sides seams together (I actually could not exaggerate more) in order for the dress to say on me so I could actually see what it looked liked.

Lately, I have felt like a whisper. Lately,  I have felt like a small little slice of something trying on giant size clothing. THESE ARE SIZE EXTRA SMALL PEOPLE!!!!!! AHHHH!!!! I just don’t need more sewing projects ontop of my all ready seamstress job.

I just feel like every day I’m getting smaller and smaller. For instance I hemmed my pants four inches and then when I got back from work I realized I still need to hem them four more inches. THAT’S 8 freaken inches!

OK, so tonight I tried on my corset bra that I’m going to wear under my wedding dress ( that I still have to take in) just so that the chest area will have more support (also so I don’t have to take that area in because of the lace). Plus, I will be padding it so it will be super push up. ok, you get the gist. So I was trying it on my newly ordered corset and realize that the fabric is so stretchy (because the dam company didn’t cocktail that sucker) that I will yes you guessed have to take in the corset as well. I am however not going to take it in as much as move the eyes over so the hooks can stretch a further distance and this way the extra padding and push up I add  to it will actually stay in place.

Well, this realization just made me feel all bummed that I so freaken skinny that nothing store bought can remotely fit me.  I never realized how slinder I was until all this wedding stuff, and I used to work in a bridal boutique, where I tried on wedding gowns on a weekly basis. I guess I never noticed because those gowns didn’t have to fit.

So I’m bummed that I have more sewing then I thought ahead of me. I am glad however that I am thin. It’s just not a very good feeling like your are being buried in giants clothing.



January 30, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . Wedding stuff.

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