the talleeee people

today a lady asked me if I could order her an outfit and that it needs to be in the talles (tall.ees). I said (puzzling thought in my head as to what on earth does she mean by tall.ees… is it her nick name for tall people? like when some ladies come up to me and ask for pants and they mean underwear?) ok and got onto my computer. As I was looking at the garment on my computer I informed her that it doesn’t come in a special measurement for tall and then proceeded to show her what the garment looks like in the store.  As are decided on what size she likes she shows me the tag and points and says “see Talles”. The tag reads ” Size Talla XL/XG” I as politely as I can with out the hint of a smirk  “oh that is Spanish for size”. She of course giggled  at her slip up.

I of course logged the memory away in my head as an “at amusing stuff happens sometimes at work…. maybe I’ll blog about it later?”

but what this little story really left me wondering is…

Why don’t people read things? I mean really read it. I understand that since it says size talla right next to it that one might go on ok that is the size in English. but this isn’t Starbucks, clothing companies don’t make up werid names for types of sizes. and also “XL” was right next to the words “size talla” , “XL” is universal English as an legit measuring size. So wouldn’t it make since to go oh the size is “XL” and forget all together about the talla word? Why wouldn’t you then come to the conclusion that the tag is bilingual? Especially since all tags are (ok most tags so when you don’t see a word you know then you know oh it’s bilingual) bilingual?

I guess since the tag is so small and the XL is bold compared to the rest… I don’t see how one could just read two words on a tag.

this is what I think about at work when I’m bombarded by stuff like this…WHy WHy Why?



May 13, 2010. Tags: , , , , , . shopping, silly little things, stupidness in public.

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